Child Death Review Meetings

Child Mortality Review Meetings
This is a description of how to conduct regular child mortality review meetings.  The forms below are used for summarising the cases for discussion, identifying diagnoses, and drawing up a plan for actions and recommendations from the meeting. 

Death Register Form
01 The Death registrar form is held in the ward, and the names of children who died are recorded.  This is so that at the designated time each week that the audit meeting is going to be held, you will have a list of the cases for discussion.  This form is taken to the meeting to ensure that all cases, or the selected cases, are discussed.

Child Mortality Reporting Form Version 2017
02 The Child Mortality Reporting Form is the main form used at the weekly audit meeting to record information about the case.  It is best if the person who is coordinating the meeting fill some of the demographic information in before the meeting, so the meeting can focus on discussing the story, and determining if there are any avoidable factors, and what action needs to be taken.

Cause of Death Codes
03 The Cause of death codes is a list of standardised diagnoses.  These are common in PNG, and all are included in the PHR.  This is in an effort to assign an accurate and standardised cause(s) of death.
Action Plan Summary Form
04 The Action plan summary form is a summary each week of the meetings resolutions, which should be reviewed at the next and subsequent meetings to determine if the required action was taken.  Over time, by filling out this form and reviewing all outstanding actions, it should be possible to determine if progress is being made.