Hospital Care for Children: Training Modules

Hospital Care for Children: Training Modules

Chapter 3 Early Essential Newborn Care

Chapter 3 Birth asphyxia and resuscitation

Chapter 3 Neonatal infection

Chapter 3 Low birth weight

Chapter 3 Clinical signs of neonatal illness

Chapter 4 Severe respiratory distress in an infant

Chapter 4 Cough and difficult breathing in a 3 year old

Chapter 4 Chronic cough, fever and weight loss

Chapter 5 Diarrhoea and vomiting severe dehydration

Chapter 5 Diarrhoea with some dehydration

Chapter 6 Fever and seizures

Chapter 6 Fever in an infant

Chapter 6 Fever and joint pains

Chapter 7 Severe malnutrition

Chapter 8 HIV

Chapter 9 Burns

Chapter 9 Trauma