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  • What is environmental enteropathy?
  • How does it present clinically? What is the earliest age that children show signs of environmental enteropathy?  Can a child have environmental enteropathy without diarrhoea?
  • What are the likely causes of environmental enteropathy?
  • What is the pathological appearance in the small intestine of children with environmental enteropathy?
  • How are the functions of the small intestine affected by environmental enteropathy? How does this cause disease?
  • What is bacterial translocation and how does this occur? What is LPS?
  • What is the lactose: mannitol ratio, and why does this increase in environmental enteropathy?
  • How does environmental enteropathy affect vaccine efficacy?
  • What are the best ways to treat and prevent environmental enteropathy?

May 2016 Q&A Environmental enteropathy