MMED and Diploma of Child Health Program

Post-graduate paediatric training for doctors is conducted by the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the University of PNG.  Doctors who have completed 2 years post-residency (working as a service registrar) begin by doing a one-year Diploma of Child Health (DCH).  This can be done from any hospital in the country that has a paediatrician who can provide supervision.  The Master of Medicine in paediatrics is a 4 year course, in addition to the DCH year, during which trainees work as paediatric registrars.  The course includes the Part I examination process, one year of a research project, and at least one year working at Port Moresby General Hospital.

More details on the Diploma of Child Health and the Master of Medicine can be downloaded at:
UPNG Post graduate curriculum DCH and MMed in Paediatrics

Keep a log book of your training
Paediatric Training Log-book
This log-book is designed to be used throughout the 5 years of paediatric training, commencing in the DCH year. Trainees should record details of procedures learnt and practiced, cases managed, courses attended, and research projects.  Along with the curriculum, the log-book can guide trainees in the skills and knowledge required to be a paediatrician in PNG.  Supervisors should review this log-book as part of regular supervision.

How to do a DCH and MMed project and write a minor thesis
How to write a minor thesis 2018
This paper describes the steps in conducting a Diploma or Masters research project and writing up a project report (a minor thesis).  Read it before you start!